A Reasonably Sized Audience

It’s inevitable that people will be able to turn their passion for fantasy sports into a “job”

When you’re good at something and you have a reasonably sized audience, you can now make a living from that, we’ve seen this play out for bloggers, vloggers, and gamers as well as in other creative industries.

Playmaker enables people to turn their passion (playing fantasy sports) into their livelihood and eventually this too will be considered a “real job”.

We are currently experimenting with two main ways for managers on our platform to earn money. One is through prize pools based on performance and one is a “Patreon/Twitch like” way to support your favourite managers.

At Playmaker we are combining being a “system of record” with the social aspect of building and utilizing an audience, as we believe there is a strong possibility that passion-based communities will eventually become the new professional networks.

“New opportunities include: Professional networks with shared interests and emphasis on peer education, where people want to hang out on evenings and weekends.”

In many ways, being a fantasy manager as a “profession” is simply a further evolution of “no one will ever pay to watch people play video games”.

While we are happy to be challenged on our approach, what we won’t concede on is that it isn’t inevitable that the best fantasy managers will soon be able to earn enough money to make a living from playing.

Our mission is to drive this inevitability while simultaneously providing 200 million fantasy managers a place to own and build their identity and eventually 2 billion gamblers a healthier alternative to sports betting.

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