Fantasy draft companies

So, a couple of business savvy folks jump on this opportunity. A few companies start popping up where online players can join, and play a variety of games, with people all over the world. These online platforms allow users to place bets, with actual dollars (or whatever currency).

Check out all of the different games you can play on one popular platform, FanDuel. These are all variations on the payout—not necessarily changes to the typical Rotisserie scoring system.

With the surge in social media engagement came a surge in fantasy sports. By 2016, the estimated that 57.4 million people were playing in fantasy leagues. To put that in perspective: it’s nearly 20% of the US population.

How Top Fantasy Draft Companies Use Social Media

Fantasy draft sites emerged with the rise in fantasy sports popularity—particularly, the popularity of fantasy on social media.

Let’s take a look at how a few of the are using social media to engage with fans and prospects.


is a fantasy sports site that hosts daily games for all major sports—including golf and martial arts. It was founded by three VistaPrint executives (Jason Robins, Matthew Kalish, and Paul Liberman) in 2012. Let’s look at some of Draftkings best social media strategies.

1. They hold contests and use sponsors

We’ve written before about how  is a great way to generate engagement and build a follower base on all of the major social media networks.

Check out the example below. Draftkings is holding a contest, with Papa John’s as a sponsor.

Why is this an amazing social media strategy?

  • Do you think sports fans love pizza? Of course! It was even voted one of the foods for a football game by Bleacher Report.
  • They’re working with affiliates like  (news site with 24k followers on Twitter). This expands the reach of this post by 24k people.
  • They’ve tagged their sponsor. has nearly 600k followers.

2. They give their followers valuable advice

The best content is helpful content. Sports fans love analyzing players and games, this helps them choose better fantasy players. In the post below, DraftKings is sharing updates on lots of players, “position-by-position.” They know an intricate analysis will resonate well with their audience.

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