The art of bluffing comes into play

This game requires skill and wit along with an impeccable sense of understanding people. Since most of the game revolves around the whole aspect of a mixture of chance and luck, mastering the art of bluffing can take you a long way to WIN BIG and compete with the best in the world.

You can be a king in bluffing and can lie your way out of anything, but this is the big leagues. What you do, the people you will be playing with have way more experience in bluffing. Never underestimate your opponent and always keep an eye on how they are playing.

Playing blind is something of a bold risk when it comes to playing Teen Patti. The decision of playing blind among the other players oozes confidence and can often lead to other players folding, especially when they know the cards are not in their favour. Along with this, you get to be the minimum compared to the players who have already seen their cards. So even if you have a bad hand, the loss doesn’t hurt much.

Another strategy which is not seen much in any other card game is the concept of side-show. This cannot be done while playing the game physically but can be done while playing online. Side-show gives an amazing boost of confidence and also takes out competition one by one if you have the cards for it.

Since Teen Patti what we at  seven jackpots feel is a game of chance and skill, the winning potential can be broken down to what cards you are holding for the round. However, only up to a certain point in the game, what cards you hold will actually matter, then the art of bluffing comes into play and determine how much you can win, no matter what cards you hold.

High Card0.34:11644074.39%
Three of a Kind424.00:1520.24%
Straight Flush459.52480.22%

Variations of the Game

Teen Patti in itself is a variation of Poker. However, since it is a card game and has its origins in India, the number of  variation of teen patti are many. Some of them are:

  • Best of Four: In this version, four cards are dealt instead of 3 and the best possible three-card hand is required to be made from these four cards.
  • Wild Draw: While playing Wild Draw, once the cards have been dealt by the dealer, he or she will pull out one random card from the remaining deck and every card of the same rank will be considered as a wild card.
  • Mufliss (Lowball): With a Twist in the Tale, here the rankings of the cards are reversed.
  • Low Wild: For this variation, the lowest ranking card in the hand is considered a wild.
  • Two-lowest wild: Here, each player is dealt four cards and the two lowest-ranking cards in the hand are termed as wild cards. The middle-ranking cards will not be considered as wild cards.
  • High Wild: Same as the concept of Low wild, the only difference is that in this case, the highest-ranking cards become wild cards.
  • Bust Card Draw: Here, the dealer draws a random card and anyone who has the card, would have to fold.

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