The results of the pilot research regarding fantasy sports games

The overall purpose of this table above is to provide an overview of different platforms, but obviously the presented overview does not attempt to rank the best platforms or most used platforms, nor does it include several platforms like FanDuelDraftKings, or Dream11 that require an initial entry fee.

If we compare this overview with the results of the pilot research regarding fantasy sports games, and considering that the majority of the replies (approx. 70%) came from Europe, the data below just confirms that football and Fantasy Premier League are dominating over there.

The Fantasy Sports Games phenomenon

Fan engagement tool

Now, with a clear idea of what fantasy sports games are, it is important to return to the question at the beginning of this article. Are they still only a game?

With the overall rise in the importance of the internet over the past decade, the general perception of consuming sports has changed massively. The concept of a “connected fan” allowed greater involvement of different stakeholders (leagues, players, sponsors, media) which positively influenced the overall growth of the fantasy sports games.

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