Who gets to play?

In North America alone, a total of 56 million are involved in the game. 18% of those players are teenagers. Adult men playing fantasy sports account for about 19% and 9% are women.

Players are based on income levels. Players that earn more than $50,000 account for 16% of the players, while only 10% of players with lesser incomes participate in the game.

The point being is that fantasy sports get people going.

Actual vs. Fantasy Sports

Real life or traditional sports usually occur over an entire season. For example, if you and your friends draft teams in September, then you would not be able to find out who won until the season is over in January. This also means that you are stuck for the whole season, with the same players that you drafted at the beginning of the season unless there is a chance for a trade.

fantasy sports software

Daily fantasy sports, like the name suggests, is different. It does not last a whole season. It simply lasts a day. The daily fantasy football draft software helps you pick your players in the morning, and by the time the games are over in the afternoon or evening, you will know who has won.

Another difference between the two is that, while regular fantasy sports are focused on a year-after-year league basis, daily fantasy sports is played online with random competitors that you matched with.

There is also a factor of money. Sports league sites like DraftKings can comprise of hundreds of thousands of competitors, each paying a few dollars to enter. The result is that the winner can end up winning millions of dollars in prizes.

With all the glitz and glamour of this online sport, there is bound to be some criticism. The next section will debunk some of the misconceptions regarding fantasy sports.

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